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Banks In India

Reserve Bank of India, RBI

Reserve Bank of India or RBI was established in 1935 under the Reserve Bank of India Act 1934 with central office in Calcutta. The Office was permanently moved to Mumbai in 1937. The Governor of RBI Bank India renders his duties from the Reserve Bank of India Mumbai office. Even the RBI bulletin, circulars and other policies are formulated here. Initially RBI bank was privately owned. After nationalization of Banks in India in 1949, the Government of India took over the ownership rights of RBI.

A Board for Financial Supervision (BFS) was constituted in 1994 that guides the Reserve Bank of India on various policies and bulletins. It supervises commercial banks, financial institutions and all non-banking finance Companies in India . The primary function of Reserve Bank of India is to formulate, implement and monitor the various monetary policies in India. This function of the RBI enables it to maintain price stability and appropriate credit flow. Reserve Bank of India keeps a check on inflation in the finance sector in India.

Reserve Bank of India is responsible for managing the Foreign exchange in India under the Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999. The RBI provides Exchange rates for various foreign currencies. Apart from Reserve Bank of India Exchange rates and Foreign exchange functions, issuance of currency and destroying unfit currency notes and coins is also done by RBI Bank India. RBI acts as a merchant bank for the Central and State governments besides functioning as their official banker. RBI is also a Bank for Banks as it maintains the Banking accounts for various Scheduled Banks.

The regional RBI circulars and bulletins are distributed through 22 regional offices of Reserve Bank of India mentioned on – the Reserve Bank of India official website. Apart from this, the Reserve Bank of India site also gives list of training establishments by RBI. The fully owned subsidiaries of Reserve Bank of India only add to the various functionalities of the bank.

ABN AMRO Bank India

ABN AMRO stands for Algemene Bank Nederland (ABN) and the Amsterdamsche-Rotterdamsche Bank (AMRO). The India operations of ABN AMRO commenced in 1920 in Kolkata. Today the reign of ABN AMRO has spread to the major cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Lucknow, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and Noida totaling upto 28 branches. Its global expanse has an impressive 3500 branches across 70 countries creating a history of excellence in the banking field.

Banking Solutions at ABN AMRO Bank Limited include


* Deposits - Savings, Current and Easy Draw Fixed Deposit Accounts
* Loans - Home, Personal, Car Loans and Business loans
* Credit Cards - accepted globally, credit card payments made easier through Drop Box (1700 across the city) system for cheque payments.
* Debit Cards - Accepted at over 200,000 merchant locations for direct payments In India and ATM Withdrawal from around 12,000 ATM's Under ABN AMRO and Associates.
* NRI Services
* Investment Services - Mutual Funds and Bonds


* Cash Management
* Financing
* Leasing


* Foreign exchange: Forex rates for buying and selling, calculator
* Rupee: global positioning of INR per day, a monthly report and calculator
* Global economies updates: Daily Updates of world economies like USA, Japan, Europe and UK etc.
* Emerging Markets Update: Updates of the developing economies world over like India, Asian and Middle East economies etc.


* ABN AMRO Mutual Funds: Promoting investments for a better and secure future to give maximum profits to the customers
* Microfinance: Delivering credit to the target community, through Microfinance Institutions (MFI's) especially in the rural areas
* Van Gogh Preferred Banking: It's a banking product for wealth management and Business Banking roles.
* Mobile and E-Banking: Get updates and details of your transactions in your Account on your mobile and get easy access anytime Anywhere. Net banking services bringing the bank to Your desktop
* Express Cash: Just call to get cash delivered upto Rs. 50, 000 and a minimum of Rs. 1000 to your registered address 365 days a year within 2hrs in The city limits.
* Doorstep Banking: Your pay orders, cheque books and demand drafts are delivered free of cost for some accounts and nominally charged for others to your home or office.
* Longer Banking Facility: Banking services are now available 365 days and for extended hours

Besides all this an online branch and ATM locator is also available on the official website. The present interest rates being offered on the deposits and finance schemes and the Forex rates are also available on the site. ABN AMRO Bank Ltd. offers prestigious opportunities for careers in banking services. Any information regarding this can be seen on the website. The customer service at ABN AMRO is available 24x7 with specialized customer service team dedicated to provide full assistance to the customers.

Andhra Bank India

Andhra Bank India was set up in 1923. The founder Dr. Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya was an eminent freedom fighter with a vision to provide world class banking services to every Indian. Andhra Bank today boasts of a whopping 1.5 crores clients with a total business of around Rs.68.4 thousand crores.

The Andhra Bank Logo translates to 'togetherness'. Togetherness to safeguard the money and trust endowed upon the bank by its dear customers. It has a network of over 1400 branches and offices along with 541 ATM's to reach every Indian. Andhra Bank is expanding its global wings to the Western and Middle Eastern countries mainly USA and UAE, as the maximum number of NRI's is either settled in America or Dubai. The bank aims to provide home country services to the NRI's with the specialized banking solutions it provides.

The various banking services Andhra Bank India provides include:
Savings Accounts - special Kiddy Bank and Kids Khazana Accounts to promote saving habit among children, accounts covering insurance, no frills accounts, Current Accounts- covering insurance along with the deposits Term Deposits - tax savers, fixed deposits and recurring deposits Insurance Schemes

* Housing Loans
* Personal Loan
* Vehicle Loans
* Clean Loan
* Mortgage Loans

Corporate Funds Management Loans And Finance For Large Corporates And Small And Medium Enterprises Insurance Facilities

* Special Savings Account Schemes
* Foreign Exchange Transactions
* Western Union Money Transfer


* AB INFI-net - Internet Banking Facility of Andhra bank
* AB e-R@IL - Railway Tickets Booking through IRCTC
* ABB - Any Branch Banking
* RTGS - Real Time Gross Settlement Facility
* NEFT - National Electronic Fund Transfer
* OLTAS - Online Tax Accounting System
* ATM Services

Andhra Bank was the pioneer of credit cards in India. The first credit cards were introduced in 1981 and since then, there has been no looking back. Andhra Bank believes in innovations and keeping in mind the growing customer needs, it has introduced some of the most exclusive and practical banking products that has established the bank as your own personalized bank.

Andhra Bank has reached a tie-up with Kingfisher Airlines that has produced a scheme called 'Quick Ticket'. It allows the Andhra Bank Credit Card holder to book airline tickets through the Andhra Bank ATM's using their ATM cum Debit Cards or any VISA card. Andhra Bank introduced Mobile ATM facility in Kottayam for the Sabarimala Pilgrims. Special Kissan Credit Cards were also distributed among the rural farmers and Mobile ATM's were set up to make them financially more aware. Special Smart Card facility is also available to the retail customers. Andhra Bank being a 'Government Of India Undertaking' enjoys the privilege of one of the most sought after investment opportunities. The mutual funds and bonds witness record number of investments. The shares of Andhra Bank are also available to the people in India. The prices of the shares can be enquired online on the official Andhra Bank Website. The locations of Andhra Bank branches and the interest rates for various schemes offered by the bank are also available on the website. An ATM and branch list is also available on

Contact Details:
Customer Services Department
Andhra Bank
Dr. Pattabhi Bhavan
5-9-11, Saifabad
Hyderabad-500 004.
Phone: 040-23234313, 23230001
Toll-Free Number: 1800 425 2905
Email -

Axis/UTI Bank Ltd. India

Axis Bank underwent a name change from UTI Bank to Axis Bank recently. But this hasn't changed the credibility of the Bank. The Bank remains the same Global-Local Bank that believes in using Information Technology based value-added products and services through multiple-delivery channels for easy and complete access. Carrying on the legacy attached to its previous name UTI Bank, Axis Bank has registered an annual growth of over RS. 485 crores. The annual report available online says it all.

The net businesses of Axis Bank account to over a massive Rs. 2800 crores. The public holdings in Axis Bank are around 57%. The first branch of Axis Bank was set up in Ahmedabad since then there has been a countrywide expanse of 596 Branches and extension counters and a record number of over 2500 ATM's making it the third largest ATM network in India.

The Head Office of Axis Bank Limited in India is situated at Mumbai. Axis Bank witnessed its first overseas branch in Singapore and has further spread to USA, UK, UAE among other countries. The Products and Services offered at Axis Bank include:
Axis Bank underwent a name change from UTI Bank to Axis Bank recently. But this hasn't changed the credibility of the Bank. The Bank remains the same Global-Local Bank that believes in using Information Technology based value-added products and services through multiple-delivery channels for easy and complete access. Carrying on the legacy attached to its previous name UTI Bank, Axis Bank has registered an annual growth of over RS. 485 crores. The annual report available online says it all.

The net businesses of Axis Bank account to over a massive Rs. 2800 crores. The public holdings in Axis Bank are around 57%. The first branch of Axis Bank was set up in Ahmedabad since then there has been a countrywide expanse of 596 Branches and extension counters and a record number of over 2500 ATM's making it the third largest ATM network in India.

The Head Office of Axis Bank Limited in India is situated at Mumbai. Axis Bank witnessed its first overseas branch in Singapore and has further spread to USA, UK, UAE among other countries. The Products and Services offered at Axis Bank include:


* Easy Access
* Prime Savings
* No Frills Savings Account offering freedom from minimum balance
* Seniors Citizens' Special Savings Account
* Women's Account
* Power Account for Defense Personnel
* Pensions Savings Account


* Current and Savings Accounts for Business, Government Organizations, Trust and NGO


* Savings Account
* NRE Salary Account
* RFC - Resident Foreign Currency Accounts


* Fixed Deposits (FD's)
* Recurring Fixed Deposits (RFD's)
* Flexi-Deposits - Encash 24
* Tax- Saver FD's
* NRI Deposits of Rupee and Foreign Currency


* Housing Loans
* Personal Loan
* Education Loan
* Auto Loan
* Loan Against Securities
* Business and Corporate Loans

Credit Cards:

* Silver Card
* Gold Card
* Silver Plus Card
* Gold Plus Card
* Secured Credit Card
* Shriram Card

Debit cards:

* Gold Debit Card
* Business Gold Card

Other cards:

* Remittance card
* Travel Currency Card
* Meal Card
* Gift Card


* Mutual Funds
* Deposits
* Gold
* Online Trading
* Fixed Income Bonds
* Demat Accounts


* Insurance of Jewellery
* Family Health Insurance
* Home Safe Guard
* Insurance against serious illness
* Travel Insurance
* Motor Insurance
* Insurance plans for Businessmen and Shopkeepers


* Bill Pays
* Pension Payments
* Direct Tax Payments


* Mobile Recharge
* Lockers
* Online Shopping
* Equity Solutions
* Advisory Services by Experts
* Retailing of Government Securities
* International Business
* Forex
* Payments and Collections on behalf of Corporates
* PAN Assistance for NRI's
* Online Security Alerts
* Online News Highlights

A special warning alert has been sent to the customers to guard them against the Online Phishing of UTI Bank - Axis Bank Accounts. Phishing is an online malpractice to illegally procure personal info like the bank account numbers and passwords. Axis Bank has taken the initiative to guard its customers against such harmful activities for betterment in the Customer-Bank relationship.Some industry experts wrote Axis Bank to be a slow paced organization with its market share dropping. But the Bank believes on the key strategy of 'slow and steady wins the race'. Axis Bank has never focused on building a retail market by bombarding its customers with newer and hidden parametric products, instead, the Bank has concentrated on nurturing the backbone financial services and providing quality banking solutions to the customers. Thus, the relatively slow growth of Axis Bank as compared to its counterparts like ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank is not a shortcoming as it might reflect, but a rather big asset giving long-term benefits to the Bank and its customers. Net banking solutions by axis bank are available on the official website. Along with this an ATM and branch locator and the address of the main branches is available online. The latest interest rates list is also available along with an EMI calculator. You can also enquire about the share price and the securities being offered on the toll free number. The vacancies or job openings at axis bank are mentioned on axis bank Careers with axis bank include financial services and customer service or telebanking portfolio.

Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda was incorporated in 1908 in Baroda. From a small building in this city of Gujarat, BOB bank has moved to the Bank of Baroda corporate head office in Mumbai. The Bank of Baroda bankers have proven their prudence with the amplifying success of BOB Bank India. The customer, share holders, employees and the corporate governing team are the true recipients of the glory Bank of Baroda enjoys in India and across the globe. The Bank of Baroda logo signifies the financial discretion of the bank.

Founded with an initial capital of Rs 10 Lakhs by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad, Bank of Baroda has blossomed into a financial institution par excellence with a huge and trusting customer base to narrate the laurels. The diversification of Bank of Baroda into merchant banking with Bank of Baroda home loans , Bank of Baroda Credit Cards, Bank of Baroda mutual funds becoming brand names in the respective spheres only added to the unprecedented growth of the bank.

The global presence of Bank of Baroda has made it India's very own International Bank. The Bank of Baroda branches and offices have countries like USA, UAE, UK, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa, Kenya, Hong Kong, China, Bahrain, Australia etc. Besides these Bank of Baroda has various subsidiaries including

* BOB Asset Management Co. Ltd.
* BOB Cards Ltd.
* BOB Capital Markets Ltd.

Bank of Baroda has a joint venture with Indo-Zambia Bank Ltd. in Lusaka. The representative offices of Bank of Baroda are present in Thailand, China, Malaysia and Australia.

The various Bank of Baroda banking services include:

* Bank of Baroda Deposits – Fixed deposits, current deposits, savings deposits
* Bank of Baroda Cards – Credit Card, Debit Card
* Bank of Baroda Loans – Personal loans, education loans, home loans, car loan, loans against property and securities, finance capital loans, travel loans, traders loans, corporate finance etc.
* Bank of Baroda NRI Banking Services – Remittances, NRE, NRO accounts, Foreign Currency Credits, FCNR Loans, offshore and correspondent banking, export/ Import Finance, international treasury and more.
* Other services – Lockers, Demat Services, Health Insurance, Remittance and Collections Services, Electronic Clearing Services, Pension Plans, Savings Bonds, PPF, DSGRE, Tax Collections, Gold & Gold Coins, Merchant Banking for Corporates, Cash Management, International Treasury for Domestic & Forex Operations, etc.

Bank of Baroda Online banking services and the numerous Bank of Baroda ATM have helped the bank reach out to its customers in a more personalized and convenient way. With the Bank of Baroda ibanking services, the bank is now accessible anywhere and anytime. All one has to do is login to their respective Bank of Baroda accounts and avail the entire spectrum of customized banking services by BOB Bank India. The Bank of Baroda ATM have only added to the accessibility of the bank. Daily deposit and withdrawal banking procedures have become less time consuming with the Bank of Baroda ATMs reaching out to you just next to your home.

For further information on specialized banking services by Bank of Baroda India, browse through our dedicated pages on each. We at have compiled the details of customized banking services by Bank of Baroda for a more analytical understanding for your referral. For direct login to Bank of Baroda online banking services, login to the Bank of Baroda website mentioned here.
Bank of Baroda Website:

Bank of India

Bank of India was established in 1906 in Mumbai. Its present head office is the same branch in Mumbai. Today the expanse of Bank of India spreads to 48 zonal offices. Each zonal office manages the branches under its zone. Bank of India has a total of 2644 branches in India.

Bank of India is accredited to be the first Indian Bank to open an overseas branch that was in London, UK in 1946 and also the first Indian bank in Europe with a branch office in Paris in 1974. The global presence of Bank of India is marked by 23 branches and offices along with three representative offices in key business and trading centres of the world like New York (USA), London (UK), Paris (France), Tokyo (Japan), Hong Kong (China), Singapore, Kenya, Dubai (UAE), Canada etc.

Bank of India is the first nationalized bank in India to have set up a fully computerized branch and an ATM centre. It is also the founder member of SWIFT in India with the introduction of Health Code System in 1982. Bank of India also offers depository services to the stock broking community under the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and Bank of India joint venture called the BOI Shareholding Ltd.

The current chairman of Bank of India Mr. T.S. Narayanaswami emphasizes on building customer relations and creating a long-term relationship offering the best customer care. This has resulted in tremendous growth of Bank of India in the Indian as well as global markets.

The products and services offered at Bank of India include:


* Term Deposits
* Fixed Deposits
* Tax Saving Deposits
* Flexi Recurring Deposits
* NRI Deposit
* Basic Savings Account
* Salary Accounts
* Savings Plus Accounts
* Current Deposits Plus Account
* Foreign Currency Deposit
* Star Gold/Diamond Current Accounts


* Credit Card
* Exporters Gold Card
* Kissan Credit Card
* Personal Loan
* Agricultural Loan
* Bill Finance
* Export Finance
* Corporate Loan
* Bullion Banking
* Home or Housing Loan
* Education Loans
* Car Loan


* Cash Management
* Safe Deposit Vaults and Lockers
* Govt. Relief Bonds
* Multi-City Cheque Facility
* Bank Of India Bonds
* Multi-Branch Banking
* Internet Banking
* Phone Banking
* ATM cum Debit Card Centres

Besides these usual banking services Bank of India also provides netbanking facility on the official website. Online banking system of Bank of India requires an internet banking account and just login to your account on the bank website and the bank is here on your desktop. The site also provides an ATM and Branch locator that gives you the exact location and address of all Bank of India branches and ATM's. An EMI and deposit calculator is also available online on

Mumbai Head Office Address
Star House
C - 5, G Block
Bandra Kurla Complex
Bandra (East)
Mumbai - 400051
Phone: 91-22-66684444
Fax: 91-22-66684408

Barclays Bank PLC India

Barclays PLC is a global giant in international financial services. Its head office is situated in London City, UK. Being the third largest financial service provider in England, Barclays promises nothing but the best banking and other services to their customers in India. The bank has its head office in India is at Mumbai.

Barclays Bank specializes in global retail and commercial banking services. The corporate banking division of Barclays Bank in India was set up 2006. This handles the finance arrangements for leading Indian corporates, small and medium enterprises and offers loans, deposits, payments, cash management services, and finance and treasury solutions.

Barclays Consumer Banking services were launched more recently in May 2007, covering personal loans with lower EMI's and credit cards offering the freedom to the customers to choose the payment dates. Currently, Barclays Bank India has 4 offices in Mumbai that is the head office, Delhi, Kanchipuram near Chennai and Nelamangala near Bangalore. Barclays PLC is a customer-centered organization offering the much-needed financial assistance for those who approach them. Barclays has also ventured into banking services focusing mainly on the NRI banking that is soon catching up in the Indian banking industry.

The products and services by Barclays Bank in India include:

Consumer Banking Products:

* Savings Accounts
* Term and Fixed Deposits
* Personal Loans
* Trade Finance Loan
* Barclays Credit Cards
* Investment Services
* NRI Banking Services

Commercial Banking Products

* Loans
* Finance and Credit
* Payments
* Cash Management
* Treasury Solutions
* Trade Finance Loan
* Barclays Global Credit Card

Barclays PLC has been actively involved in not just the economic but also social assistance in India. They have taken up the task of support the education of 500 underprivileged girl kids in "Project Nanhi Kali". Along with this, Barclays has also extended its support to the Red Cross Society in India to assist the National Disaster Response Team in their rescue operations in case of any emergency relief operations during natural disasters like earthquakes or floods.

Barclays boasts of a global presence in over 50 countries with more than 27 million customers. Barclays PLC is one of the leading banking services and investment management providers in the major trade centres including London (UK), Delaware, Dubai (UAE), Dublin, Egypt, France, Ghana, India, Kenya, Manchester, Mauritius, New York (USA), Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Zambia, Zimbabwe etc.

The Barclays website provides any further information you may need about the annual report, company history and current profile, global business centres, share prices, shares news, swift code and working hours. You can also get the latest interest rates for the various national and international banking services like the deposits, loans, foreign currency exchange and the various mortgages offers.

Barclays provides global career opportunities. The jobs at Barclays are of international standards thus making the careers at Barclays PLC a much-demanded vacancy. The news upgrade on the job vacancies are put up on the official website of Barclays PLC.

Besides all this also get online banking facility at Barclays Bank. All you have to do is login to your Internet banking account and you get the bank right to your home PC. You can also enquire about the various service charges being charged and the latest banking products like the personal loan, credit cards, insurance, Visa cards etc.

An online ATM and Branch locator is also available on the site that gives you the address and phone number of your nearest Barclays Bank ATM's and branches.


Mumbai Address
Barclays Bank PLC
Ceejay House,
Shivsagar Estate
Dr: Annie Besant Road,
Phone: 91-22-67196000
Fax: 91-22-67196100

Canara Bank

Canara Bank was established in 1906 in India. It is one of the largest commercial banks of India. Canara Bank was nationalized in 1969 along with 13 other banks. The branch network of Canara bank includes 2542 branches with the head office in Bangalore. An international division of Canara Bank was established in 1976. The present international branches of Canara Bank include branches in major trade centres like London, Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong.

The all India network of Canara Bank boasts of multiple branches in all the major cities like Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Lucknow and Hyderabad. The Canara Bank official site gives you an ATM and branch locator that can give you the exact location and address of your nearest Canara Bank branches and ATM's.

The banking products offered at Canara Bank include:



* Savings Bank Account
* Current Account
* Fixed Deposits
* Recurring Deposits
* Canflexi Deposits
* Ashraya Deposits for Senior Citizens


* Housing Loan
* Home Renovation Loan
* Canmahila (Loan For Women)
* Cancash (Shares)
* Canmobile (Loan for Car and other vehicles)
* Cambudget
* Teachers Loan


* Cancard Visa Credit Cards
* Cancard Master Card
* Cancard Visa International Gold Card
* Credit Cards


* Aviva Life Insurance
* Tax Assistance
* Estate and Will Consultancy Service
* Trustee Service



* Current Accounts
* Fixed Deposits
* Recurring Deposits
* Kamdhenu Deposits

Credit Services

* Cash Credit for Working Capital
* Bill Discounting
* Bank Guarantee
* Loans for SME's
* Finance to SSI's (Small Scale Industries)
* Agricultural Loans

Other Services:

* Merchant Banking
* Industrial and Agricultural Advisory Services
* Taxation and Debenture Trustee Services



* NRE (Non Resident External Rupee) Account
* NRO (Non Resident Ordinary) Account
* FCNR (Foreign Currency Non Resident) Accounts
* RFC Deposits


* Home Loan
* Cancash (Shares)
* Canmobile (Vehicle)
* Swarna Gold
* Canrent
* Canmortgage
* Loan Against Securities

Other Services

* Safe Deposit Lockers and Vaults
* Nomination Facility
* Remittance
* Consultancy for Executor Trustee & Taxation

Canara Bank provides online banking facility. All you have to do is login to your Internet banking account and get access to your bank at your fingertips. You can also enquire about the interest rates and service charges on various banking products on offer by Canara Bank online from the official website. You can also call up on the phone number of each branch to talk to a customer care executive or Canara Bank officer. An EMI and deposit calculator is also available on the official website of Canara Bank.

Being a nationalized bank, Canara Bank jobs are among the top searched ones. The recruitment procedure includes a national level exam. The job vacancy is usually for the post of clerical or probationary officer (PO). The results are displayed in each branch as well as online on the Canara Bank site.

Canara Bank offers investment opportunities as mutual funds and insurance. You also get special facilities like cheque collection and collection of bills along with ATM, mobile banking, net banking, electronic funds transfer, any branch banking and anywhere banking facilities.

Any information about the Annual Report of Canara Bank, the company profile, the history of Canara Bank is also available on the bank website. The share price and value of Canara Bank shares are reported regularly online in the news section.

Toll Free Number: 1800 425 0018
Head Office Address
J.C. Road,
Bangalore - 560 002

Central Bank Of India

Central Bank of India was the first commercial bank totally owned by Indians. It was established in 1911, by Sir Sorabji Pochkhanwala as a truly 'Swadeshi Bank'. The Government of India nationalized the Central Bank of India in 1969. Since its birth, the Bank has believed in its customer strength and full customer satisfaction.

To earn their loyality is the prime motive of Central Bank of India. It has seen many changes and has stood froth accommodating the upcoming IT based applications to enhance its core banking solutions.

The Central Bank introduced Centralcard - its first credit card in 1980. Many other new age banking methods like Merchant Banking, Quick Cheque Collection (QCC) Service and Express Service to pace up the collection of outstation cheques, Internet Banking, E-Payment Systems and many more.

Along with this, Central Bank proudly serves the nation in its economic and social growth by providing finance to agricultural sector and also provides credit facilities to the small, medium and large enterprises. Central Bank of India has also introduced several Self Employment Schemes to help eradicate unemployment from the Indian society.Central Bank of India covers the entire country with its 3194 branches and 267 extension counters. Central Bank boasts of a customer base of over 25 million account holders.

Among these the major corporate clients of Central Bank include ICICI, IDBI, UTI (Axis), LIC, HDFC and all the leading corporate houses of the country.

The various banking products and services on offer at Central Bank include:


* Money Multiplier Deposit Certificate (MMDC): In this the interest keeps adding to the principal amount giving you an added advantage to increase your deposits exponentially
* Monthly/Quarterly Interest Deposit Receipt (MIDR/QIDR): The interest is added monthly/Quarterly. An account can be opened for duration of 12 months to 120 months with a minimum balance of Rs. 5000.
* Cent Uttam Scheme: This deposit scheme by Central Bank offers you easy liquidity with high returns that allows you to withdraw a part of the deposit whenever required.
* Other Special Savings Accounts: These include Senior Citizens Savings Account, Tax Saving Deposit Schemes, Smart Deposit Schemes, Super Deposit Schemes and Special Cent Bachat Khata.


* Centralcard Electronics: This Central Bank Credit Card is accepted in all master card electronic terminals in India and Nepal. This can be both domestic and global.
* Centralcard: This card offers you the freedom of shopping at all the merchant establishments in the country. The internationally acceptable one is the International Central Master Card.
* Debit Card: Its the most safe and secure way of accessing your account globally 24-hours a day at over 5.3 million merchant establishments and 6 million ATM's.


* Housing Loans
* Home Renovation Loan
* Computer Loan
* Personal Loan (Corporate and Non-Corporate)
* Education Loans
* Special Educational Loans
* Finance For Trade
* Car Loans
* Loans For Commercial Vehicles
* Agricultural Loans
* Personal Loans For Pensioners And Teachers


* Traveler's Cheques: Issued in the denominations of Rs. 100, Rs. 500, Rs. 1000, Rs. 2500, and Rs. 5000 at a nominal charge of Re.1 per Rs.100.
* Gift Cheques: Available in denominations of Rs.11, Rs. 25, Rs. 51 and Rs. 101 free of cost and payable at any Central Bank of India branch.
* Cash Management Services: These include collections that can be Central's Cent QCC, Local Cheque collection and bulk cheque collection services and payment products that include Demand Drafts (DD), Dividend and Interest Warrants, Bank Telegraphic Transfer (TT).
* Cent Bill Pay: This facility by Central Bank allows you to pay your bills through the Internet. It is currently available in Mumbai and is soon going to be launched in New Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata branches.
* Special Services: These include Insurance, Mutual Funds and Demat Account services.


* NRI Banking: Special NRI Savings Accounts, facilities to NRI's Returning to India and Foreign Exchange services along with Remittance Services are included in this
* Other Specialized Services: These include Repatriable and Non-Repatriable services along with facilities for importers and exporters.

Central Bank of India provides net banking facility to its customers, all you have to do is login to your Internet Banking Account and access the banking service you desire. The official website of Central Bank gives you information about the public issue, issue price, share price, share value and stock price along with news on the shares. Any enquiry about the IPO refund, allotment status, registrar address, money control, listing or the recruitment procedure is entertained on the Central Bank site.

An online branch and ATM locator is also available on the official website of Central Bank of India. You can get the exact address and location of your nearest Central Bank branches and ATM's/ also you get full information on the ongoing interest rates on the various credit and deposit schemes along with the service charges for the services provided at Central Bank.

Mumbai Head Office Address
Central Bank of India
Chander Mukhi,
Narman Point
Mumbai - 400 021
Phone: 91-22 - 6638 7777


Citibank Home Loans in India give Home Loans from Rs 2.1 Lakh to Rs 5 Crore, which can be returned in 25 years. Citibank is fully dedicated to make your dream of getting a home come true. Eligibility criteria for salaried and self-employed person are different. Salaried person is eligible to take loan if he has gross annual income of Rs 1,00,000 or above, with age between 23 and 58 years and at least 2 years of work experience. Whereas a self-employed person can have home loan if his gross annual income is Rs. 85,000 or above, age between 23 and 65 years along with 3 years of continues experience. The home loan is given with the tenure of at the max 25 years and can be repaid by anyone following way through EMI (Equated monthly Installments) as

* Post dated Cheque (PDC)
* Standing Instruction (SI) provided by Citibank banking account
* Electronic Clearing System (ECS)

There are different types of home loans available in market by different banks and Housing Finance Companies:

* Bridge Loans
* Home Construction Loans
* Home Improvement Loans
* Home Purchase Loans
* Home Extension Loans
* Home Conversion Loans
* Land Purchase Loans

Bridge Loans are taken if you are buying your home and purchasing the new one. This loan taken fills the gap till you sell your home. Land purchase and Home Purchase Loans respectively taken to purchase land and home. Home Construction Loan as the name suggests is taken to construct a home and Home Extension Loan helps to extend already constructed home.
Citibank Home Loans can be taken for:

* Property under construction
* Self-Construction
* Plot plus self construction

You can apply online for the loan from Citibank. The online provision will also help you to view the status of post dated cheque, repayment details and can also be used to get Interest Certificates online. To customers, bank also gives QPIN that is used to check your Home Loan Account online. Citibank also offers Students a loan that helps students in their studies. Citibank under property power package offers loan against property from Rs. 2.10 Lakh to Rs 2 Crore for up to 15 years. Citibank has worldwide service centers for NRI. In India it has branches all over the nation with ATM facility. The new feature of Touch Screen Banking is made at the ATM of this bank. The address of any branch is available online in their website. Personal loan between Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 10 Lakh can be availed. The amount will depend on your profile with competitive interest rates. EMI calculator is also present for each type of loan with which you can easily calculate your installment online.
Complete information regarding Home Loans by Citibank can be checked online in their website:

Corporation Bank

Corporation Bank Of India is a public sector undertaking employing around 12,000 employees. It is one of the leading nationalized banks of India, with the productivity or business per employee of around 650 Rupees. Its span of the country rests on 942 Branches and around 933 ATM's. Being a public sector undertaking its Careers and Recruitment is amongst the prestigious ones. Jobs at Corporation Bank are announced Online and through print media, and selections are made on the basis of written Exam. An application form can be downloaded from the Corporation Bank Website as well.

The Branches are distributed all across the country including major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Noida and Pune. A Branch Locator is available Online on Internet Banking Solutions are also available on the Official Website.Loans by Corporation Bank include:

* Home/Housing Loans
* Personal Loans
* Corporate Loans
* Car Loans
* Education Loan
* NRI loans

Special services offered include:

* Insurance
* Special Student's Savings Account
* Deposits
* Sale of Gold Coins And Bars
* Special NRI Services
* Internet Banking
* Credit and Debit Cards

* Mobile Banking
* Any Branch Banking
* Online Rail Reservation
* Mediclaim
* Mobile Recharge
* Senior Citizens Savings Schemes
* Pension Payments
* Mutual Funds
* Issuing Govt. of India Bonds
* Bill and Tax Pay

Citibank India Online

Citibank Being the largest financial services company in the world, it offers specialized banking and financial products for world-class customer service. Citibank is one of the leading private sector banks in India. Its counterpart in the USA is the largest bank in the country in terms of holdings. Founded in 1812 as City Bank of New York, Citibank today enjoys a clientele comprising of the biggest corporate giants.
The products and services offered at Citibank include:


* Citibank Gold Card
* Jet Airways Platinum Card
* Indian Oil Citibank Card
* Citibank Cash Back Card
* First Citizen Citibank Card
* Maruti Suzuki Auto Card


* Personal Loan
* Home Equity Loans Or Housing Loan
* Loan Against Property Or Other Securities
* Auto Loans
* Student Loans


* Health Insurance
* Travel Insurance
* Life Insurance
* Credit Card Insurance
* Insurance On Home Loan


* Mutual Funds
* Demat Accounts
* Fixed Deposits
* Recurring Fixed Deposits


* Savings Account
* Current Account
* Salary Account
* NRI Special Savings Account
* Senior Citizens Pension Account


* Internet banking
* Bill payments
* Pre-paid mobile recharge
* E-commerce

Besides these usual facilities, Citibank has moved a step ahead in customer service by providing e-savings and ebilling options. Virtual account numbers and virtual credit cards are some of the IT based exclusive Citibank services. Citibank ATM cum Debit cards are one of the most popular Debit Cards for any Indian. Special touch screen banking system has been introduced by Citibank. Self-service banking terminals called touchscreen kiosk are available at 200 ATM centres.

Citigroup is a name synonym to easy loans in the global markets. Citimortgage facilities include all the housing and home construction loans. There are specialized NRI services at Citibank India that aim in providing the hospitality of the country to every NRI living away from their motherland. The foreign exchange system at Citibank offers you most competitive exchange rates. All these facilities can be availed through the net banking system of Citibank beside the retail banking centres.

Online banking services by Citibank have reached the standards Citigroup has set up in the global markets. An ATM and branch locator is available on the official Citibank website. The site also offers information on the current Forex rate, interest rates being offered by the Bank on various deposits, accounts and loans. Any queries regarding the world money card that is the latest Citibank innovation for its customers is dearly welcomed online as well as through the help desks at every branch. For address and location of your nearest branch refer to the website. Major Indian cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai have multiple branches covering every corner of the city. Citibank offers tremendous careers. Its recruitments include banking services, mortgage services, Citigroup global services and customer services. The employment at Citibank is availed on the basis of pure merit and a willingness to excel in the field. Any information about the career opportunities at Citigroup, please visit their site.

contact details:
Citibank N A,
PO Box # 4830,
Anna Salai Post Office
Chennai - 600002.
Phone: 95-124-2567733

Dena Bank India

Dena Bank was established in 1938 as Devkaran Nanjee Banking Company Ltd. it later adopted the name Dena Bank Ltd. But, with the nationalization in 1969, Dena Bank Ltd. became Dena Bank. Today, Dena Bank is one of the leading public sector banks in India.

The logo of Dena Bank represents Goddess "Laxmi" or the Goddess of Wealth. The bank stands as a symbol of prosperity for its customers. A "D" in the logo represents dynamism; dedication and drive to provide the best customer care services through their world-class banking products and specialized services.

Dena Bank was the first bank to introduce Minor Savings Scheme. The Dena Bank credit card known as "Dena Krishi Sakh Patra" or DKSP is gaining popularity amongst rural India. The agricultural and rural finance schemes at Dena Bank are a major success in the Indian rural population.

Special Drive-in ATM counter at Juhu, Mumbai is a first of its kind. Dena Bank also provides Tele banking facility in select metropolitan cities. Besides these the usual banking products and services on offer by Dena Bank include:


* Savings Bank Account
* Current Accounts
* Tax Saving Accounts
* Flexi-Deposit Schemes
* Super Premium Current Account Scheme
* Cumulative Savings Scheme
* Recurring Deposit Schemes
* Special NRI Accounts
* Foreign Currency Savings Account


* Housing Loans
* Home Renovation Loan
* Education Loan
* Personal Loan
* Auto Finance Loans
* Consumer Durable Loan
* Trade Finance Scheme
* Special Mortgage Schemes
* Personal Loan For Pensioners
* Agricultural Loan
* Special Women's Loans
* Dena Credit Cards
* ATM Cum Debit Cards
* Dena Gold Credit Card


* Core Banking Solution (CBS)
* Multi-City Cheque Facility
* Any Branch Banking (ABB)
* Atm Services
* Remittances
* Foreign Exchange
* Value Added Services
* Bill Payments
* M-Banking (Mobile Banking)
* Tax Collections
* Bancassurance
* Mutual Funds
* Direct E-Tax Pay
* Insurance
* Dena Finmart (Provides Easy Finance)

Besides all this get Internet Banking services on the official website of Dena Bank. Also get news on the share price, share value, stock value, availability of shares, tenders and other notices. The site also provides an online ATM and Branch locator. You can find the address and phone number of your nearest Dena Bank Branch.

Dena Bank being a public sector bank enjoys top searches in clerk jobs and recruitments. The clerk exam results for the previous recruitments exams conducted are displayed on Dena

SBI-State Bank of India

SBI State Bank of India is the largest Bank in India and in the entire Indian Sub-continent with far flung Branches. In fact, in regards to its employees and branches, the State Bank of India is the largest bank in the world. Founded in 1806, SBI has evolved to be a major Bank in India to provide financial assistance, with the most extensive Networking all over the world and many leading SBI Associate Banks. Not Just the SBI Branches but also the SBI ATMs are found in the nook and corner of India.

The State Bank of India has been instrumental in carrying out innovations in personal banking to make the transactions easy for its customers. The extensive reach of SBI Branches in the rural areas in India has made it touch the lives of the millions. In fact, The State Bank of India is a leading Credit Card Bank that introduced the facility of ATM Cards and Internet Banking to all its Branches in the interiors of India. In the true sense of the term, the State Bank of India has been a visionary Bank with the incorporation of all the modern and contemporary trends.
At the same time, The State Bank of India has been instrumental in facilitating Finance for Agriculture by dedicating special Rural Branches. Not just Financial Services, but Counseling on the SBI-State Bank of India Interest Rates and various SBI Loans meant for laborers is provided. In fact, SBI Card has been provided to all the rural clients so to enable them to enjoy the fruits of Globalization.

The SBI NRI Services form a core area of International Banking with easy and speedy transfer of Funds and various schemes.

In fact, owing to the international presence of the branches of SBI, SBI NRI Services have been very popular. When it comes to the domain of SBI Home Loans and SBI Loans, SBI Mutual Fund, it can be termed that many Indians in India and abroad have been benefited largely. offers a comprehensive discussion on the role played by The State Bank of India in the development of India and the Housing sector, in particular, with its SBI Home Finance and other SBI Services. Below is the SBI Helpline and the website link of the State Bank of India.


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